About Us

FORUM TAURI is an educational services provider investing in Human Intellingence(HI) and creativity.

FORUM TAURI, is a tribe of experts experienced in diverse fields like culture business, production, art management, event planning, project management, education, even social sciences, and philosophy, whose common denominator is their interest in Community Building. Utilising its network in Japan, the company operates in Tokyo and Istanbul.

  • builds and serves creative communities,
  • produces “Value-Added Content” for communities,
  • develops tools to enhance Human Capital and Social Capital,
  • designs and constructs education, entertainment and communication platforms,
  • utilizes technology for building collaborative, participatory systems.


  • prioritize investing in H.I. (Human Intelligence) with respect to A.I. (Artificial Intelligence),
  • underline “Human Learning” with respect to “Machine Learning”,
  • value new perspectives, diversity and creativity,
  • work to equip new generations with multifarious talents and skills…

All our efforts are for cultivating creative communities….


Empowering Human Learning


Inspiring Personal Growth


Connecting Minds-Crafting Futures