COMiKON Academy

Manga and “Anime Character Design Course” is the first step towards a wide variety of design-related courses COMiKON Academy live-online, educational platform is planning to offer globally.

COMiKON Academy is the culminaton of our efforts to establish an inspiring incubation center for talented young artists who wish to create unique characters and tell unique stories by using comic/manga techniques.  Our story started in 2016 with the “Manga Academy” for teenagers between 11-17, we founded within the Japanese Art Center in Istanbul.

What we do

Live Online Courses

Provides a flexible learning experience with industry experts.


Opportunities to explore contemporary art trends and innovations.

Educational Events

Conventions and festivals for creators

Offline Training

Interactive learning opportunities with experts.

Study Trips

Learning experiences guided by expert instructors.

Local Arrangements

Customized travel arrangements for student groups.


Interactive environments to enhance practical skills.

Intensive Training

Crash courses in-depth learning opportunities.

Academic Publishing

Offers specialized resources in the field.

Japanese Art Center

The Japanese Art Center was established in 2015 İstanbul to serve as an art bridge to Japan.

Since then, the Center has succeeded in holding many art events, including Japanese arts festivals and exhibitions, both in Istanbul and Tokyo.

Over the years, in addition to Sumi-e, workshops in shodo, ikebana, watercolor painting, and manga where add it. The Center has trained new senseis who have reached the level of mastery.


COMiKON Istanbul

COMiKON is an annual pop culture festival that has been held since 2017 in İstanbul, offering a packed program and workshops in animation, comic books, manga, game design, illustration, cosplay, science fiction cinema, fantasy literature, and many more areas that you won't be able to keep up with due to its abundance of events.

Empowering Human Learning


Inspiring Personal Growth


Connecting Minds-Crafting Futures


FORUM TAURI Press is an independent publisher of e-books focusing on non-fiction and academic research titles. Its main areas of interest are; history, arts, cuisine, health, archeology, and travel… Main language of publication is English but projects in other languages are also considered.
FORUM TAURI Press, with its offices in Baltimore, Istanbul and Tokyo, introduces valuable monographs and translated primary material for the use of global scholarly community; plans, organizes and executes academic meetings like symposia, conferences, congresses and publishes the proceedings of such meetings.