What we can achieve together

With the rapid advent of internet, streaming technologies, and online communication tools, the world as we know is changing for good. Classical media like TV channels, newspapers, magazines and conventional ads are no longer the uncontested instruments to reach people. We have numerous options to reach information now. While c2c netwoks and interactivity are gaining momentum, organizations can no longer depend on mere commercials to promote their products or services and take popular attention for granted. Creativity, in all aspects of human life, will reign over personal and social decision making.

Can your organization afford ignoring this clear fact?

If you think not, we can work together with you, to build a strong community around your organization and help manage your relations with its members to evolve from faceless consumers to loyal supporters of your cause.

  • listen to you, your stakeholders (all related parties including shareholders, management, employees, agencies, consumers) and assess their needs and expectations,
  • assist your organization to empathize and understand traits of your potential community,
  • design tools and methods to reach your community,
  • deliver a route map for constructing group identity,  strengthening loyalty and creating a sustainable community,
  • plan and execute creative events like concerts, performances, meetings, exhibitions, competitions designed particularly to meet your community’s preferences,
  • produce value-added content in forms of videos, webinars, live-events, publications, as well as educational or entertainment material,
  • establish and operate online education and communication platforms,
  • cultivate a culture of empathy, sharing, sincerity and trust within your organization by empowering your community…
FORUM TAURI also gives the following services:
Area Branding
  • Planning and execution of regional revitalization projects. Management of various research groups and seminars / Support for local development projects / Central city activation planning / Tourism promotion planning / Promotion of local culture, arts&crafts / Workshop management / International exchange events
Content Production
  • Commercial content planning, proposal, operation/system development/design/ illustration and other relevant solutions
Local Media Business
  • By isolating the needs of the local communities, clarifying relevant targets and utilizing the web technologies, we connect the local to the global communities and help realize the potential of localities. Thanks to new developments in communication technologies we can now create interest and convert potential visitors to loyal and active fans. Planning, and operation of local media and shopping mall websites / Planning, and operation of community-based online shopping sites.