System Development

System Development & Content Production

FORUM TAURI has extensive experience in projects related to server infra-structure, system design & development as well as application development. Some of such projects are as follows:

1. Projects  related to Server Infra-structure

Based on UNIX based OS platforms, FORUM TAURI has taken the responsibility for all phases of large scale platforms creation, including design, development and operation of mobile sites reaching 7 million users. We have been involved in a number of projects concerning server infra-structure based on AWS and other cloud services. We are experienced in all types of servers like www servers, mail servers, DNS servers, and DB servers.

2. Projects related to System Development and Design

FORUM TAURI has done various sorts of projects based on pioneering technologies related to mobile phone communication services. We were involved in many projects from its start to completion and launch. We have taken responsibility in all phases of processes including definition of essential needs, system design, system development, and operation.

3. Projects related to Application Planning, Design and Development

Starting with building a video community site and managing as well as operating its user community at a project jointly funded by a major entertainment company and an electricity supplier company, FORUM TAURI has been involved in a series of projects including application development for smart devices, UX Design, UI Design, Web application system development, and IoT solution development. We are recently developing and operating an application handling more than 4.5million trade transactions /month as SaaS.

4. Projects related to Content Localization, Design Planning and Web-site Operation

Working with servers, FORUM TAURI is involved in a number of projects ranging from updateable smartphone applications, to paid or free content services for PCs or smartphones and to a wide variety of services for consumers. We have expertise in content localization by bridging local cultural differences by design and translation services (i.e. Japanese, English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Turkish et al.)