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COMiKON sponsored KADFEST!

COMiKON has sponsored KADFEST, the "Comics and Antiquarian Festival" in Kadıköy which was held between 20-27 August 2019.

“İsimsiz Dünya” Special Issue for COMiKON

The special issue of the comics fanzine "İsimsiz Dünya" (Nameless World) that COMiKON is sponsoring, has come up with a memorable title "COMiKON"... The cover of the fanzine was illustrated by Ülker Shamsalova, and a number of talented…

Diğer Haberler

FORUM TAURI Collaborates with UConn

Utilising FORUM TAURI's facilitation, business students from various universities around the world came up with brand new ideas to foster the local economy in the Migishita Region - Shikoku Island, Japan.

Bulgur Recipe Contest Completed

FORUM TAURI has organized a recipe contest for Bulgur in Japan. The competition among Japanese food artists was held in cooperation with Duru Bulgur and recipe site NADIA. Recipe Contest was a part of FORUM TAURI's efforts to promote…