COMiKON 2019 welcomed 15.000 fans!

COMiKON – Istanbul Festival which brings together the popular culture elements like comics, animation, character design, game design, illustration, CosPlay, Sci-fi cinema, fantastic literature,  FRP/card/board games, social media, youtubers and novel technologies, took place at an unconventional venue, The Military Museum Cultural Facility in Harbiye at the heart of the city,between the dates Oct.19-20, 2019. Numerous events were held to entertain and educate the overwhelming 15.000 young visitors. This year’s slogan was: “Inspire!”

A Japanese media giant, TV TOKYO participated in COMiKON 2019! Fans enjoyed the perfomances of the world famous Honorary Guests of the festival:

Noriyuki ABE (Anime Director)

Toru FURUYA (Voice Actor)

Yuriko YAMAGUCHI (Voice Actress)

and NANANA (The popular maskot of TV TOKYO)

The sports of the future, techno-sports HADO was introduce for the first time to Turkish audience and visitors enjoyed experiencing it.

World famous mangaka SATOSHI Shiki , who is well-known by his fans with his work “Attack on Titan: Before the Fall” and “DORORO” series was also in COMiKON, chatting with his fans and signing his books….

The editor-in-chief of the biggest French comics publishing house, Edition Soleil, Jean Wacquet was also in COMiKON to do talent hunt and evaluate young artists’ portfolios…

A Japanese anime studio, Asura Film which is best known for its involvement in the projects like Doraemon, MonsterZ MATE, GUNDAM, BATMAN NİNJA, Berserk, Altair: A Record of Battles, Little Witch Academia, WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY, Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark participated in COMiKON this year.

In addition to these highlights, many impressive sub-events took place:

An Artists Alley in which 60 young artists displayed their works
● Anisong Grand Prix song contect
● COMiKON Fight! Offline game tournament
● Cosplay Workshops
● CosPOWER Catwalk
● K-Pop dance shows
● Just Dance dancing zone
● “Life-Draw” Exercises (Supervised by instructors, drawing practices  with volunteer Cosplayer models)

and loads of other fun….

For more information please visit our official site:

Or download our press kit: COMiKON Press Kit (In Turkish)

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