■ Area Branding / Local Development

We promote the touristic attractions of local towns in Japan on various levels including human, transportation, shopping, cultural aspects by utilizing our experience in local projects and global approach.

  • We do research and hold seminars.
  • We prepare tourism development plans.
  • We operate local workshops.
  • We organize international exchange events.
  • We organize “Study Abroad” programs.

Recent work (2021)


■ Localization

We offer marketing research, analysis, devise creative tailor-made strategies and execute promotion campaigns for penetration of foreign products into Japanese market.

  • We localize your content.
  • We give translation services (Japanese, Turkish, English, Chinese, Spanish among others).
  • We offer design services harmonized with local tastes, trends and requirements.

Recent work (2021)


■ Content & System Development

We offer planning, production and system development for your web content.

  • We design and produce web-sites to promote your products and services.
  • We design and produce applications for smartphones.

Recent work (2021)


■ Publication

We translate, edit, design and publish academic books (e-books, print, POD)

Recent work (2021)